added 4.12.21

Guidelines for Being Strong White Allies by Paul Kivel

added 4.6.21

Saying Never Again to the Violence in Atlanta Means Saying No to More Policing  Melissa Gira Grant, 3.24.21

“Stories of Abundance”: How Women’s Foundation California is Advancing Gender Justice Through Narrative Change Eddy Gonzalez interviews Bia Viera of Women’s Foundation California

added 3.17.21

A Call to Action for White Educators (PBS)

America’s Enduring Racial Caste System (Isabel Wilkerson, The New York Times)

Is Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore Might Change Your Mind (Rachel Kushner, The New York Times)

The Trauma of an American Untouchable (Arisika Razak, Lions Roar)

PVUSD eliminates school resource officer program (Todd Gould, The Pajaronian)

Black Women are Tired of People Trying to Control Our Bodies – So Wake Up (Nia Martin-Robinson, The Root)

Black Lives Matter Movement Inspired New Generation of Activists (Susan Landry, Good Times)

UCSC NAACP Open Letter about Hate Crime on UCSC Campus (contact us if you’re unable to view)

There is No Such Thing as a White Ally (Catherine Pugh, Esq.)

SURJ values Take some time to read the SURJ values.

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