What does a culture of antiracism look like?

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Tema Okun’s website created May, 2021

This incredible resource offers a more in-depth exploration into white supremacy culture.

Tema Okun on White Supremacy Culture

In her originL article, published in 1999, Okun lays out characteristics (and antidotes) of white supremacy culture that are found in organizations. We may also notice that some of these characteristics show up in ourselves as well. Okun follows each characteristic with antidotes that move us towards an Antiracist Culture.

From White Racist to White Anti-Racist

In this other paper by Tema Okun, she discusses the stages white folks may go though on our path of antiracism.


Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation

Listen to the recording with closed captioning of the January 24th White Men Rejecting Violence & Hate webinar

OWMCL is a national network mobilizing white men to learn, grow and take action against white supremacy and patriarchy. They recognize this work is long overdue and believe it is particularly urgent in this political moment, as racism and misogyny drive white men to contend for, and consolidate, power with increasing violence. They mobilize white men who acknowledge our complicity in perpetuating oppression, who understand our mutual interest in ending cis-white male supremacy, and who are ready to take bold action to dismantle the white supremacist patriarchal system. They seek to disrupt both the structural, organized and interpersonal violence of white men wherever that violence emerges, while engaging in the rigorous internal work of unlearning white supremacy and patriarchy within ourselves. We seek to support, and be accountable in this work to the leadership of women, trans and gender nonbinary folks; folks who are Indigenous, Black, and People of Color; and especially to those in that intersection.


Open Democracy | Human Rights Connected

The idea and sensation of Urgency falls into the category of white supremacist culture; the need to fix the problem and have an immediate sense of completion is not uncommon in many of our lives. We recommend this article exploring White Urgency to End Racism


When you hear the words “A Culture of Antiracism” what are some characteristics that come to mind?

From Erin, March, 2021: Antiracist Culture includes…: thinking in the collective, undoing perfectionism and black and white thinking, letting go of a scarcity mindset, getting more in touch with my body and how i feel in it, not being so rigid and rushed, letting myself rest and also recognizing times when i might feel in danger, but that i actually am not, holding two truths simultaneously, slowing down and prioritizing justice and truth for everyone, trying to recognize my own internalized white supremacy and recognize it in city council meetings and how certain organizations work, seeing american history for what it truly is, a history of genocide and theft, seeing it in myself so i can actually change my internal landscape.

From Susan, March 2021: One aspect of antiracist culture for me as a white person is exploring my relationship to whiteness with other white folks, and asking them to hold me accountable for the impact of what I do and say. Another is initiating discussions of racism and white supremacy with other white people, even when I know it’s going to be challenging.

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